Rotterdam Ahoy

The versatile events venue Rotterdam Ahoy did not feel entirely at home on its own website. With more than 1.5 million visitors annually, its website is extremely important to Rotterdam Ahoy. There is nothing wrong with the brand identity, but the website looks too stiff and is difficult to navigate.

Web design
UX / UI design
Front end development

The challenge

The conversion rate has to increase, and the experience of a visit to Rotterdam Ahoy needs to be better translated to the website. How can we do that?

The result

Inspired by light shows at concerts, the new website uses high-contrast dark and light colours. The events pop out from the screen. Visitors are taken by the hand searching for the perfect night out. The dark colours have a similar feel to the experience of visiting Ahoy. Clear, eye-catching buttons help to achieve conversions and lots of large images make the atmosphere of the different events come to life.

Even though 80% of website visitors are consumers, the Rotterdam Ahoy website also has an important B2B function. Not only do visitors have to find the experience of a lifetime here, but suppliers also come looking for information. By clearly using different colours, the business section is separated from the consumer section. This way, there never is any confusion.