Optimising the security of the digital world is one of the most important challenges of our time. As a new player in the field of cloud security, Nedscaper was looking for a logo, brand identity and website to seamlessly fit with its services.

Web design
Front end development

Focus on reliability

Reliability is extremely important to Nedscaper, but how do you combine this with an innovative and international image? With offices in Amsterdam and Cape Town, ambitions are wide ranging.

The result: a visual identity that exudes both connection and security. With confident colours and a bold font. A dark website that is striking and refreshing thanks to bright contrast colours and the use of photography.

Achieving conversions

The website is completely aimed at a B2B audience. On different types of pages, visitors find relevant information, regardless of their stage in the purchasing process. The story of Nedscaper is visually communicated in photography, titles and clarifying icons that keep the aim of conversion in mind.

From an avatar to be used on social channels to presentation templates, the brand identity of Nedscaper is implemented down to the smallest detail.