Blijdorp Festival

As one of Rotterdam’s leading music festivals, Blijdorp Festival is a fixture on the scene. With a target audience that is constantly looking for the latest thing, the newest hype and the great unknown, the website is an important part of the festival’s marketing strategy.

Web design
Front end development

The challenge

How do you radiate newness every year, keeping in mind that selling tickets is your first priority? How do you increase the reach of an event while it is constantly evolving?

The Result

Okaia is the permanent digital partner of Blijdorp Festival. For four years now we have been taking care of the website in cooperation with various designers. After years of using bright neon colours, in 2019 we shifted gear to a style that is more calm and gives a good overview.

With this website, conversion is key. In combination with large photographs, the white background provides a vivid translation of the atmosphere of the festival, and the use of yellow heightens the summery vibe.