A forerunner in providing co-working and flexible workplaces that accommodate numerous innovative start-ups. Some of them have been around for some years, others only just set up shop. These start-ups are constantly evolving and therefore need a flexible workplace to scale up or down. 42workspace offers this space and tries to connect growing businesses through shared spaces, networking events and talks.

Web design
UX / UI design
Front end development

The challenge

How do you design a brand identity for a tech-oriented co-working office? More than 40 companies are based in 42workspace, using its location, events, community and knowledge to grow their business.

The old website no longer met 42workspace’s needs and its ability to achieve conversions left something to be desired. 42workspace wants to rent out its desks as quickly as possible, while also creating a cohesive community. How can their website help them do both?

The results

During the past two years, Okaia has supported 42workspace in the field of strategy and digital expressions. During weekly sessions, ideas were discussed and put into practice, which resulted, among other things, in a new website.

Okaia also provides strategic input regarding the nature of 42workspace’s community. This includes brainstorm sessions about increasing the conversion rate, optimising the onboarding process and ways to bring in more events.